media catalog project
runs on linux with gtk2+

17/01/2007 first svn code upload
scanning is not yet supported, but if you have a gtktalog 1.0.4/5 catalog you can browse it
right now you can:
  • save a complete catalog
  • save a catalog containig just a few selected CDs from the original catalog
  • do some regex search (very basic and without a path or even CD name displayed, to be fixed soon)
  • exit the program ;)

  • a couple of screenshots:

    Catalog brwosing

    Catalog searching

    next steps:
  • implement the media scan function (basic, no complex mounting, no plugins)
  • fix the search function
  • implement plugin system
  • improve mounting medias
  • when all this is working in a decent way I'll add an XML catalog format, more advanced search, an HD to catalog comparing function (hash based) to help avoiding duplicates, then plugins can be added forever...

    somewhere in between a huge code cleanup is in order, right now it is very messy

    let me know if you try nebokatalog...

    instructions to get NeboKatalog, svn source web browsing etc. on the standard page at

    website coming up not too soon...